The Democratic Republic of Congo declares end to its latest Ebola outbreak.

With its eleventh outbreak officially declared over, this marks the first time in almost three years that the country is free of Ebola.

The DRC has announced it has managed to rid itself of Ebola, six months after cases emerged in the west of the country. This end of the outbreak was officially declared by the country’s minister of health, Dr Eteni Longondo along with the World Health Organization on Wednesday after no new cases were reported in more than 48 days. According to WHO, the country has reported 119 confirmed cases, more than 55 deaths, 11 probable cases and 75 recoveries since the outbreak emerged. In its fight against the virus, the country vaccinated 40,000 people.

The latest outbreak which was confined in western DRC was announced on the 1st of June, just a few days before the east of the country officially declared an end to the second deadliest Ebola outbreak in history which killed 2,280 people over a two-year period. Though having to fight Ebola alongside Covid-19 pandemic took its toll on the country, the many lessons derived from battling Ebola are expected to serve it well in its ongoing fight against coronavirus. In addition, technology used to store the Ebola vaccine at super-cold temperatures is expected to be transferred towards usage in storing Covid-19 vaccines when they do become accessible.