Tanzania launched online application portal for clinical trials.

While the world was preoccupied by the coronavirus pandemic, the Eastern African nation joined growing list of countries using online portals for applications.

The online submission system is intended to be used for applications relating to registration of products, premises, clinical trials as well as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Announced on 30 June by the Tanzanian Medicines and Medical Devices Authority (TMDA) which was formerly called the TFDA, the system has been effective since the 1st of July, while much of the globe where focused on how to navigate the effects of the virus. To be able to use the system, applicants or local technical representatives (LTRs) would be requested to register their profiles in the system first.

Online submission portals are not new, having been in use by many countries around the world for years. However, many African countries have only started transitioning towards these in recent years. The introduction of the system is expected to enhance the country’s profile as a trial destination of choice across East Africa. By removing the burden associated with transporting stacks of paper across disparate geographies for review, the new system is seen as positive step towards streamlining applications and possibly leading to quicker reviews.