Syneos Health partners with Science 37

The CRO joins a growing list pursuing strategic collaborations with the siteless provider to bolster virtual trials.

Looking to boost its virtual trial offering, Syneos Health has become the latest CRO to partner with the in-demand siteless trial specialist Science 37, dubbed the industry’s only Decentralized Clinical Trial Operating System™. While financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, a statement issued highlights the deal is expected to allow both companies to provide a “unified, seamless technology platform to streamline workflow orchestration, real-world evidence generation, and data harmonization.” As most companies look to redefine their operating models following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Science 37’s offerings have become very popular. This has seen the Californian-based firm strike similar deals heavyweights such as PPD, ERT and Signant Health among others.

Last year, Science 37 also secured $40 million worth of funding from Google Ventures – Google’s venture capital arm and a host of leading companies such as Amgen, Novartis, Sanofi and PPD. “Increasing clinical trial access and diversity is a scientific, business and ethical imperative as we continually look for ways to improve patient outcomes and eliminate healthcare disparities,” said Alistair Macdonald, CEO of Syneos Health. “Our powerful partnership with Science 37 adds their industry-leading platform to our Decentralized Solutions and, when combined with the mobile research nursing capabilities delivered through our Illingworth Research team, we’re able to open new pathways toward the long-sought goal of placing patients at the center of clinical research.”