Smart robot assistant developed in Egypt to aid against Covid-19

This smart innovation has surfaced just in time as the second wave of Covid-19 approaches Egypt.

An Egyptian mechatronics engineer Mahmoud el-Koumi has developed a revolutionary remote-controlled smart robot named Cira-03. Cira-03 sports a human-like face and has the ability to perform an array of medical procedures on suspected Covid-19 patients, including taking blood tests and temperatures, performing echocardiograms, pain-free Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) swab tests and X-rays. The test results are displayed to patients on a screen attached to its chest. The robot also comes equipped with a face mask detection reminding patients to wear a mask if needed. The aim of this initiative is to limit human exposure to disease-carriers at a private hospital in Egypt's Nile Delta city of Tanta.

Before the robot is set to work, it undergoes training to improve its Artificial Intelligence (AI). The training is done by a specialist doctor, to ensure it acts like a human doctor. The robot is specifically designed to help limit the Covid-19 exposure to infection faced by the medical staff and could prove to be a valuable life-saving mechanism. The 26 year-old engineer’s invention seems to be an instant hit with patients who have encountered Cira-03. Egypt was one of the first African countries to kick off its Covid-19 nationwide vaccination campaign with China's Sinopharm and has administered 1,315 doses as of the 4th of March, according to the World Health Organization.