Sanofi unveils new corporate brand and logo

Sanofi's new brand promises to unite the company's diverse history into a single, unified identity.

Sanofi has unveiled a new corporate brand to support the company's modernisation and transformation efforts, which began in December 2019. Sanofi's new logo is meant to represent the company's "renewed purpose and visions for the future," with sustainability and social responsibility at the forefront of those goals, according to the company. Sanofi's new brand promises to unite the company's diverse history into a single common identity, for the first time. The rebrand focuses on a clean, lower case new logo with two purple dots at the start and end of its name. The two purple dots “embody the scientific journey between a starting point and a finish line—the eureka moment where innovative solutions are unlocked to impact people’s lives,” Sanofi said in a statement.

The new logo is also “inspired by the simple and motion-oriented codes of the tech industry,” said Sanofi. Last January, Pfizer made a similar switch, replacing its old pill-based logo with a two-tone blue double. Sanofi has established itself as a global healthcare leader with a global footprint over the last 50 years. The company's pipeline includes a wide range of medications for oncology, immune-inflammation, rare disorders, and neurology, among other therapeutic areas. Sanofi is currently concentrating its efforts on developing drugs and vaccines that have the greatest potential to improve, extend, and transform patients' lives. As of late September 2021, the drugs and vaccines of Sanofi’s R&D pipeline included 82 projects, 34 of which are in phase 3, or have been submitted to regulatory bodies for approval.