Russia looking to make its Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V cheaper than US leading candidates.

Moscow’s vaccine candidate, shown to have efficacy rates comparable to American candidates, is also expected to be more affordable.

Announced on Sunday, the developers of Moscow’s vaccine are looking to make the price per dose of Sputnik V lower than those developed by leading US pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna. Pfizer’s vaccine will reportedly be priced at USD 19.50 per dose and Moderna’s at USD 25-USD 37 per dose. With both requiring two doses, the cost is expected to be USD 39 and USD50-74, respectively. Announced via Twitter, there was no mention of the price point the Russian vaccine will be made available at, just that it will be much lower. Sputnik also requires two doses to deliver the promised results.

As countries were scrambling to find effective vaccines, Russia became the first to register the world's first Covid-19 vaccine on the 11th of August. While the vaccine received mixed reviews and was viewed with suspicion given the speed at which it was developed, Russia has stuck behind the drug, culminating in the 11 November announcement that the vaccine was 92% effective at providing protection to Covid-19, according to data from an interim analysis. This meant it was comparable to the 95% efficacy rate announced by Pfizer on the 18th and the 94.5% for Moderna’s vaccine as announced on the 17th.