Restaurant sector joins government efforts to fast-track COVID-19 vaccinations

The tourism and hospitality sectors have taken the biggest blow due to COVID lockdown regulations.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the tourism, arts and culture and hospitality industries have been the hardest hit by all the COVID-19 lockdowns. These sectors saw more than 165 000 people lose their jobs, as well as more than 1 000 restaurants close their doors. The Restaurant Association of South Africa (Rasa), in collaboration with the South African Breweries (SAB) and Gauteng tourism have launched a vaccination drive for the restaurant sector from Monday to Wednesday this week as a way to work towards reviving the industry ahead of the festive season. "The drive will be hosted in Sandton from Monday to Wednesday. The activation will be held at the brand new, beautiful Lucas Restaurant site at 24 Central.”, said RASA’s CEO Wendy Alberts.

Adding that, “this is also an opportunity to meet and greet fellow restauranteurs and have discussions over the biggest contributors and challenges that face our industry and to understand the effects that have happened to the industry." No less than 200 restaurants have been invited to bring along their employees to get their jabs in the vaccination drive labelled #Jab4Tourism. Gauteng Tourism Authority’s acting CEO, Barba Gaoganediwe said, “this vaccination drive, #Jab4Tourism, aims to get us back to some sense of normality,” and is focussing on the frontline staff which include waitrons, waiters, barristers and car guards. Gaoganediwe also said that the vaccination of tourism and hospitality frontline employees sends a message to customers that they will be served by people who have been vaccinated.