Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine to be authorized in Indonesia

The two-jab vaccine uses different technology other than the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

On Monday, Novavax the biotechnology company announced that Indonesia has given its COVID-19 vaccine, which uses a different technology than currently used shots, the world's first emergency use authorization. With the authorization, Indonesia, which has struggled to secure appropriate supplies of the coronavirus vaccine for its 270 million people, would have first access to the vaccine, which will be manufactured in India under the brand Covovax. In order to elicit an immune response, the vaccine employs proteins to transport harmless coronavirus fragments. It does not require the very cold storage conditions that some other vaccines do, it can be held at 2-8 degrees Celsius. This in turn will allow developing countries around the world to increase their vaccination supplies as it makes transportation easier as well.

The emergency authorization of the vaccine is a “very important step” for Indonesia's COVID-19 vaccination program, as said by Indonesian epidemiologist Dicky Budiman. In June, the company announced that studies on 30,000 people in the United States and Mexico revealed that the vaccine is 90.4 % effective in preventing symptomatic infection and 100 % effective in preventing moderate and severe disease. It also worked against variants that were circulating at the time in those countries. The company has applied for vaccine approval in a number of nations as well as the European Medicines Agency. It has also applied for an emergency use listing with the World Health Organization. An application to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will also be submitted by the end of this year.