Meet the two Kenyan inventors responsible for a new world record

Using second-hand parts from old devices, the pair’s ground-breaking invention is helping combat the pandemic.

Two Kenyan inventors, Moses Kinyua and David Gathu, have a set a new world record with prosthetic arm inspired by the current coronavirus pandemic. The duo have created a bio-prosthetic arm operated by brain signals and have in the process set a new world record for the World’s First Bio-robotic arm controlled by brain signals, according to the World Record Academy. Signals transmitted are converted into an electric current by a “NeuroNode” biopotential headset receiver. The invention is intended to help disinfect surfaces and spaces that are contaminated with the coronavirus. Though still a prototype, the device oxidizes oxygen molecules to convert the latter into ozone, thus working as a strong disinfectant.

“When the virus hit our country, we decided to create a machine that could help us decontaminate surfaces. It can also be used in schools, restaurants, hospitals,” Kinyua tells EFE from his workshop in the city of Kikuyu, north of Nairobi. Using second-hand parts from old devices, the pair have created several technological innovations in the past, including a bio-robotic prosthetic arm and a security app. “At the moment, we use raw materials from other discarded appliances because we do not have neither the place nor the resources to obtain the necessary materials to mass-produce,” Kinyua adds. The world record-setting innovation has been hailed as important indication of the continent’s innovative potential.