Ivory Coast dispatches mobile clinics to flea markets to accelerate vaccinations

The country’s health authorities are pushing to vaccinate a million people over the next few days.

The country began sending mobile clinics to market places in its main city Abidjan and other crowded areas on Monday this week to expedite its COVID -19 vaccination campaign. Flea markets were deemed ideal to reach high numbers of people since most of the city’s five million residents shop for food and clothing at these. Since the beginning of its vaccination rollout in March this year, fewer than 800,000 vaccine doses have been administered countrywide– amounting to a single dose for approximately only 3% of the country’s population. As in many of the African countries, due to shortages of vaccine supplies and caution or indifference towards vaccines, vaccination efforts in the country have had a slow start.

As a result, the Ivorian health authorities are now targeting to vaccinate a million people in Abidjan over the next 10 days. The mobile clinics not only offer convenience to the locals, but also offer a crafty approach to fight the pandemic head on. A local vaccine district co-ordinator at the market said, "This morning it was a little slow, but people have started to show up in large numbers after seeing that the first people vaccinated did not have any problems". To date, Ivory Coast have received about a million doses of the AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Sinopharm vaccines according to the government, it expects to take delivery of another 1.2 million doses by mid-July.