In conversation with Charnel Engelbrecht, the MD of FCRN Clinical Trial Centre

On a monthly basis, African Pharma Review features a clinical trial site that highlights Africa's potential and excellence.

African Pharma Review: For April, we feature another up and coming site that’s making waves across South Africa’s clinical research landscape. We are joined by Charnel Engelbrecht, the Managing Director of FCRN Clinical Research Centre to tell us more about the site and the wonderful work they’ve been doing.

Charnel Engelbrecht: Thanks for featuring our site. We are happy to be part of this.

APR: An absolute pleasure. Tell us about your site.

CE: FCRN Clinical Trails Centre is a family founded company and this is the basis of our core values, each patient, pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO clients will become part of the FCRN family. We pride ourselves in being the first dedicated clinical research centre in the Vaal Triangle. Our GCP-trained team consists of experienced, passionate, and dedicated medical doctors and nurses to provide our patients with the level of treatment and professionalism usually found in private healthcare.

APR: It is quite audacious and remarkable that you are the first site in the Vaal. Why have you chosen the specific location?

CE: Our current location gives us access to 23 surrounding clinics and hospitals both private and government owned, this ensures FCRN has access to a patient population like no other clinic, performing research.

APR: Beyond your ideal location, why should CROs and sponsors choose the site for involvement in their trials?

CE: We have access to a broad base of medical specialists who provide the resources and expertise in and around the Vaal Triangle area. We are committed to working with global CRO and pharmaceutical companies to revolutionise the clinical research industry by ensuring timely enrolment and high standard of delivery and quality. Our core values include Patient safety and Data Integrity, First Time Quality, Recruitment and Delivery excellence.

APR: Clearly you and the team have done a lot since the site was founded. Tell us about some of your achievements to date.

CE: CTC celebrated our one-year anniversary on the 1st of March 2021. We pride ourselves that during the challenges and obstacles we as a site and the industry is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to adapt and implement the necessary changes at site level to ensure that our protocol compliance and patient safety remains our top priority. We have collaborated with all major local labs in COVID-19 testing, not only does this lessen the burden on the laboratories but it allows FCRN to network and build a patient database for future studies. FCRN can proudly confirm that we were able to screen and randomize the first participant within less than 12 hours after site activation.

APR: What are some of your plans for the site?

CE: FCRN through collaboration with CROs and Pharmaceutical companies has the vision to grow our brand not only with in the Vaal Triangle but all areas where clinical research is not known.

APR: How do people reach you?

CE: Those looking for site can reach us on (016) 100-6051. They can also contact me directly on +27 (0) 72 274 3958 or vial email at Our website is