ICON announces the expansion of the Accellacare Site Network

Accellacare has expanded their network and capabilities through their global partnerships with sites.

On 10 November 2021, the contract research organization ICON announced that their Accellacare Site Network has expanded in its reach and capabilities. This has been possible with the addition of six sites in four different counties. These sites include KO-MED in Poland, Curiositas ad Sanum, Intermed from Germany, both Asclepes Research and Olympian Research from the United States and Quironsalud in Spain. This addition brings the network to 112 active locations in eight countries. “Our new Accellacare partnerships extend our ability to help customers enhance clinical trial feasibility and improve patient enrolment timelines in key therapeutic areas. We are committed to enhancing engagement with sites, patients and healthcare providers to reduce the overall time and costs of clinical development programmes for our customers,” said Alison Liddy, ICON’s Senior Vice President.

The Accellacare Site Network is a global clinical network that was established by ICON in September 2020. Accellacare is improving its proficiencies in the immune- inflammation and central nervous system therapeutic areas through their partnerships. The networks’ objective is to provide patients with better accessibility and engagement to innovative therapies and enabling clients to implement decentralised clinical trials. The network strives to reduce recruitment and drug development timelines as well as reduce drug development costs for their clients. Tim Welke, Asclepes Research Center Owner stated, “Over the last several months, Accellacare has been a valuable member of our operation, allowing us to have more studies to offer our patients. Accellacare’s commitment and support to our site and each study aligns with our mission of improving patient care.”