ERT replaces CEO after cyber attack

A ransomware attack on the health tech firm causes delays for some industry firms, possibly leading to CEO departure.

A few days following a report by The New York Times that the US-based clinical trial health tech firm, eResearch Technology (ERT), was hit by a ransomware attack, the company replaced its CEO and President Jim Corrigan with immediate effect. Joe Eazor who has been tipped to succeed the ousted CEO, brings with notable experience, having been the CEO of Conifer Health Solutions before stepping into the role.

While ransomware attacks have become commonplace in recent years, ERT’s failure to publicly report the story itself seems to have landed it in hot waters, with the CEO the most notable casualty of this omission. Companies that reported slight delays following the attack include IQVIA which is supporting AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial, and Bristol Myers Squibb, which is working on a rapid test for the virus.