China constructs permanent COVID-19 testing sites for future use

It was noted on Friday that 5,000 of Shanghai's 9,000 testing stations were already up and running.

Thousands of permanent PCR testing stations are being built in China, with 9,000 already completed in Shanghai, as authorities try to "normalize" strict pandemic controls even after the current round of lockdowns end. Nearly 25 million people in Shanghai's eastern financial core are currently under some form of lockdown as the city battles China's largest ever COVID-19 outbreak. However, in order to prevent future flare-ups, city officials are putting in place a system that will make regular COVID-19 testing a permanent part of daily life, with other cities following suit. Vice-mayor Wu Qing stated on Friday that 5,000 of Shanghai's 9,000 testing stations were already operational.

Residents of cities such as Beijing have previously been subjected to frequent tests as part of China's "dynamic" zero-COVID-19 campaign and have long been accustomed to showing a "health code" mobile app to prove they have not visited high-risk locations. However, under the new approach, anyone entering public spaces will be required to have a negative PCR test. The testing stations, which will be positioned in residential , industrial parks, office buildings, and train and subway station entrances, will allow people to get tested in about 15 minutes, according to officials. Beijing, which is in the midst of an outbreak stated that it would conduct "normalized" testing and require everyone entering public facilities to demonstrate a negative test result from the previous seven days.