Bavarian Nordic reports an increase in vaccine orders amid outbreak

Countries scurry to procure vaccine against monkeypox in vaccine readiness effort.

The Danish biotechnology company Bavarian Nordic has experienced an “overwhelming” interest from countries all over the world for their vaccine against monkeypox. The company produces the only monkeypox vaccine approved in the United States (U.S.) and Canada. Bavarian’s chief executive officer (CEO) stated that countries that have not stockpiled the vaccine might have a “wakeup call” after the virus spreads to countries where it’s not widespread. "Because what has been shown to all countries, is that those countries that had a stockpile, and there are few, are much better prepared than those that did not," CEO Paul Chaplin told investors during a briefing on Tuesday. About 30 countries where monkeypox is not prevalent have reported an outbreak of the viral disease, over 911 cases have been reported globally.

Chief Financial Officer Henrik Juuel noted, "It's clear that many of these countries are very concerned about the availability short-term but we are also talking to governments about improving their preparedness on the longer-term as well." The company reported that they have landed multiple deals with undisclosed countries for their Imvanex vaccine over the last few weeks. Imvanex was initially a smallpox vaccine however the vaccine was approved for monkeypox in the U.S. and Canada, while in the European Union the vaccine may be prescribed off-label. The biotech company is working with bloc’s drug regulator to have the vaccine’s approval extended to monkeypox. “We'll have to see whether that really translates into longer-term orders or whether it's going to be one-offs," Chaplin stated. "There's indication that several of them already will," he added.