Africa’s Covid-19 cases surpasses two million

With public health officials warning of a second wave, the continent’s coronavirus cases surpass the two million mark.

As of Thursday, Africa has now reported 2 million cases and just over 48,000 deaths related to Covid-19. With the globe having reported over 55 million confirmed cases and more than 1.3 million deaths, the continent which accounts for 15 percent of the world's population has less than 4% of the global total for both cases and deaths. While the 2 million mark is an unwelcome milestone, the continent's numbers speaks to how comparatively better the Africa has fared in relation to its richer counterparts.

Though there’s growing optimism that vaccines will soon be available for consumption, countries across the continent are unlikely to be first in line to receive these as the more developed economies lock in supply agreements with pharma companies developing promising candidates. In addition, sub-zero storage requirements for some of the vaccines will also place most African countries at a disadvantage, with only countries such the DRC which have had to fight Ebola being better placed after acquiring technology suitable to enabling super cold temperature conditions.