Africa hits 6 million confirmed COVID-19 cases since pandemic started

The number of infections on the continent continue to rise as third wave escalates.

As of yesterday, 13th July the African continent has exceeded the six million confirmed COVID-19 cases mark as per data retrieved from the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC). This situation comes merely days after the World Health Organization had warned that the third wave of COVID-19 infections in Africa could get worse as new and faster spreading variants were driving infections. The most common variant at present is believed to be the highly transmissible Delta variant which continues to rage across the continent spreading to more and more countries. It is said that a total of 23 countries on the continent have experienced a third wave of infections so far, with Senegal and Malawi being the latest two countries hit.

Reported deaths from the 55 African countries have reached a total of 153,549 as of yesterday. According to Africa CDC data, the number of COVID-related deaths has increased by approximately 28% in the past month. South Africa has reported the most cases of the virus thus far, 2,219,316 with 65,142 related deaths, with the Gauteng province leading with infections. Other highly affected African countries include Morocco (545,016), Tunisia (510,396), Egypt (283,230), Ethiopia (277,212), Libya (209,409) and Kenya (189,703). Although over 37,004,431 vaccines have been administered across the continent, Africa has significantly lagged behind the rest of the world in COVID-19 vaccines, with less than 2% of the continent having been fully vaccinated at this time.