2020's Top 10 medical device companies in the world

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Ranked by revenues of the medical device segments, 10 companies account for nearly half of the US$450 earned by the market participants.

The medical device industry was estimated to be worth over USD450 billion in 2019. With growth continuing to be fueled by long-term trends such as an increases in the number of healthcare facilities, healthcare expenditures, technological advancements as well as an aging population across much of the developed world, the industry is expected to keep growing at impressive rates for many years to come.

With emerging economies lagging behind their mature markets, these are also expected to see impressive growth rates due to some of the similar trends. Above is a graphic representation of the leading companies operating in the space. Jointly, these account for nearly USD210 of the revenue, or just below half of it. Led by the medical device giant Medtronic, the list features well-known names such as J&J, Thermo-Fisher, Abbott and GE Healthcare, making up the top half.